On the next pages you will find old pictures and picture series. Most of them are related to bicycles, others simply recall a time when daily life was so much different from our life that it may be called a different world.
     A substantial part of these photos is courtesy of Loes Peters and Patrick van Griethuysen. On their homepage, you will find many more old photos. Furthermore, I am indebted to Gerlof Langerijs for his contribution.
     If you have any questions, remarks or contributions connected with this photo gallery, please mail me.


Gallery 1:
Various pictures from the twenties and before.


Gallery 2:
Various pictures from the thirties; place and time are mostly unknown.


Gallery 3:
1937 cycling tour of two women from Holland to Belgium.


Gallery 4:
The same two women on cycling holiday in 1938 in the Dutch province of Northern Holland.


Gallery 5:
More pictures from family albums.


Gallery 6:
Pictures of cyclists from 1939.


Gallery 7:
Some pictures from the fifties.


Gallery 8:
Photos from England (by courtesy of Peter Stray).